Digital Height Gauge

A Brief History of Height Gauges
As long ago as 1631, Pierre Vernier, a French scientist, mathematician and engineer invented the “Vernier scale” and so provided the basis for mechanical engineers to measure and manufacture more accurately than ever before. His system of dissimilar scales became the basis of precision measurement and provided a standard of […]

A Brief History of Height Gauges

Metrology is the art of precision measurement. More specifically the scientific study of measurement, including both¬†theoretical and practical¬†aspects. Agreed units and standards within the world of metrology are extremely important as this shows us whether the results given have the correctness and accuracy that is required. Measurement Uncertainties There are […]

An Introduction to Metrology

  As a UKAS Accredited Laboratory, Eley Metrology ensures their products are of the highest quality and pride themselves on the longevity of all of their products, particularly their Digital Height Gauges. This unrivalled¬†product specification for the Vertical Measuring System (VMS) is achieved through the rigorous testing procedures that the […]

Behind the Scenes: VMS Testing & QA

2016 marks the 40th year of success for one of the metrology industry’s leaders, Eley Metrology. Having gone from strength to strength throughout their time at their Derby Headquarters and working with large aerospace and automotive manufacturers. Eley Metrology is officially celebrating 40 years of business with great clients. Founded […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Manufacturing Excellence