An Introduction to Metrology

Metrology is the art of precision measurement. More specifically the scientific study of measurement, including both theoretical and practical aspects.

Agreed units and standards within the world of metrology are extremely important as this shows us whether the results given have the correctness and accuracy that is required.

Measurement Uncertainties

There are many things that can affect your measurements, and these can be shown using an uncertainty of measurement.

The National Physical Laboratory states that “Measurement uncertainties can come from the measuring instrument, from the item being measured, from the environment, from the operator, and from other sources“.

This can include factors such as temperature, the equipment used becoming dated or the part being measured being distorted during transportation etc.

Mastering the Art of Measurement

Mastering the art of precision measurement is a science. Metrology is particularly important in industries that involve manufacturing to very tight tolerances in order for manufactured parts to fit together correctly.

An example of this is in aeroplane engines. Each individual component of the engine has to fit together in such a way that it makes the process seamless. Bolt holes need to fall in line with other components at exactly the right place so that the final product doesn’t fail when tested in a high-pressure environment.

Metrology is mostly interested in:

1, Establishing the units of measurements
2, Reproducing the units to ensure reliability
3, Developing methods of measurement to make the process more accurate
4, Analysing the accuracy of methods of measurement and establishing uncertainty of measurement
5, Researching into the causes of measuring errors and eliminating them to the best ability


Introduction to Metrology

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