Projector FitIT

Projector Fit It is a unique product that allows traditional profile projectors (Shadowgraphs) to be upgraded into powerful PC based measuring machines. Any make of projector can be upgraded using the latest Eley software and a device linking your projector to a PC. If the projector already has readout such as QC200 we can take data directly from the RS232 into a PC. If the projector has no readout we can take directly from the scales using our proprietary device called the PIU (Projector Interface Unit), which then links to the PC.

Using Fit It software perform fitting and comparing data to a CAD model offering form and geometric measurement, reverse engineering, auto-create of features and a printout facility Software called Easy Measure is included for feature creation and dimensioning. It’s easy to use, measures points, arcs, circles, lines, angles and distances, all in a graphical display.

We can also retrofit and edge detection devices, and scales where there are none.

The FitIT range of products offers the flexibility to enhance and optimise the operation of your Projector/Shadowgraph at any level. This could be FitIT Software to complement the operation of your existing QC200 or a full upgrade package taking a projector with no readout and upgrading it to allow the use of Edge Detection with the simple functionality of a readout in Easy Measure complemented by the ability to perform advanced fitting and reporting in FitIT.

In short, FitIT eliminates the need for overlays, is upgradable to edge detection, has total flexibility with the latest software options and has traceability with advanced reporting, printing and email.

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