True Shape

True Shape is a 32bit Contour and geometric software analysis software, for use with both contact and non-contact measuring applications. It has multiple CAD and Data import facilities together with almost limitless fitting capabilities. The easy to use interface and macro facilities ensure a smooth learning curve giving straightforward integration into either a production or ‘one-off’ environment.

Comprehensive graphical and dimensional reporting facilities ensure that the output is clear and easy to understand for users and customers alike. Right-hand dialogue boxes with large clear icons, and tabs for changing from one to another give easy access for dimensioning, creating templates, error customisation, fitting and sectional analysis.


true shape metrology software

True Shape in Detail

• The Dimension tab allows linear dimensions in either axis or a combination of both, as well as radial diameter and angular dimensions, with tolerancing facilities and the flexibility to customise the graphical representation

• The Create tab gives the ability to make a template of geometric features from measured data. Combined with the ability to edit these features to give many of the capabilities of a 2D CAD system

• The Errors and Section tabs ensure the operator has all of the tools required to give a comprehensive and meaningful graphical output

• A 3-button mouse gives access to dynamic screen manipulation (Zoom Pan and Rotate) as well as a ‘right-click’ facility for turning on or off the various elements of the graphical display

• CAD import formats are DXF & Iges for 2D, and VDA & Iges for 3D applications. There is also a CAD export facility for creating features in DXF and Iges formats

• Fitting of data points to a CAD template can be done by various methods, from simple fitting to ‘nominals’ through fitting to maximum or minimum material condition, to ‘tolerance zone’ fitting where constantly changing tolerances from 2 CAD files can be used

• There is also the capability to constrain the degrees of freedom that are permitted within the fitting routines

• Overall the Ergonomic design of True Shape is intended to give the operator a fast and easy to use software package with all of the capabilities a fitting software should possess

True Shape has the ability

To compare measured data to nominal form

To fit data to a template>

To create templates from data

To fit to specific features

To fit within the constrained degrees of freedom

To fit to any alignment

True Shape Features

Easy to use interface

Multiple CAD formats

Multiple data formats

Comprehensive macro language

Report customisation

Full dimensioning facility

Run-time switchable languages

Independent axis scaling

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