Crown Windley Cast Iron Products

Eley Metrology's cast iron products have been manufactured for almost 100 years through the Crown Windley brand. Eley's Cast Iron product range covers all needs from surface plates to box angle plates. With the ability to produce custom products we can accommodate customer requirements in all fields.

Cast Iron Surface Plates

With a top face finished to BS 817 (2008) and available in 2 grades (1 and 2) they can be used in an inspection laboratory, tool room environment and workshops for preliminary inspections. These plates are made from well-aged, hard, close-grained iron. All of our cast iron surface plates are supported by UKAS certification. Cast iron plates are ideal when heavy items will be on the plate for example in industries such as forging and heavy manufacture.

1300 x 20075/813
1300 x 30085/819
1400 x 25085/832
1400 x 40093/460
1500 x 50093/486
1630 x 630101123
11000 x 600111224
2300 x 200145/813
2300 x 300165/819
2400 x 250165/832
2400 x 400183/460
2500 x 500183/486
2630 x 630201123
21000 x 600221224

Cast Iron Angle Plates

Manufactured in accordance with BS 5535 (1978), Eley's cast iron angle plates are available in a large range of sizes from 150 x 75 x 100 to 500 x 300 x 400. Available in both Grade A and Grade B, and with the ability to have either only Primary squareness or Primary and Secondary there are lots of options to make our angle plates work to your requirements. We can also provide 'special' sized products to a non-standard size, so if you require a custom angle plate don't hesitate to contact us.

Cast Iron Angle Plates - Primary and Secondary Squareness

A150 x 75 x 1008104
A200 x 100 x 15010138
A275 x 150 x 200121520
A300 x 150 x 250121524
B150 x 75 x 10040504
B200 x 100 x 15050608
B275 x 150 x 200607520
B300 x 150 x 250607524

Cast Iron Angle Plates - Primary Squareness Only

A150 x 75 x 1007n/a4
A200 x 100 x 1507n/a8
A275 x 150 x 2009n/a20
A300 x 150 x 25011n/a24
B150 x 75 x 10015n/a4
B200 x 100 x 15015n/a8
B275 x 150 x 20020n/a20
B300 x 150 x 25022n/a24

Cast Iron Box Angle Plate

Manufactured in-house to BS 5535 (1978) and available in Grade A and Grade B, Eley's cast iron box angle plates are also available in Primary squareness only or with Secondary squareness. Sizes available range from 150 x 122 x 115 to 300 x 250 x 225. Eley can also produce special sized box angle plates to ensure we can meet customer requirements.

Cast Iron Box Angle Plates - Primary and Secondary Squareness

A150 x 122 x 11510139
A225 x 175 x 150121521
A300 x 250 x 225151744
B150 x 122 x 11550609
B225 x 175 x 150607521
B300 x 250 x 225758544

Cast Iron Box Angle Plates - Primary Squareness Only

A150 x 122 x 11510n/a9
A225 x 175 x 15012n/a21
A300 x 250 x 22515n/a44
B150 x 122 x 11550n/a9
B225 x 175 x 15060n/a21
B300 x 250 x 22575n/a44

Cast Iron Heavy Duty Adjustable Swivel Angle Plate

With a type 2 plain slotted top Eley's heavy duty adjustable swivel angle plates are available in Grade B in a standard size of 250 x 200. With parallelism at zero degrees of 35 microns, and when at 90 degrees, squareness is 75 microns. The weight of this product as standard is 25kg. We can supply a custom sized heavy duty adjustable swivel angle plate as we can design and manufacture these at request so do not hesitate to contact us regarding a custom product.

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