CMM Inspection Services

Eley Metrology provides a complete CMM inspection service offering fast turnaround and accurate analysis of manufactured components.

In our inspection laboratory, we are able to offer enhanced measurement technology, from high-volume measurements to one-offs and prototypes. Our service is unique as we have the ability to accommodate large components, and our record so far is three and a half tonnes on our coordinate measuring machines without distortion.

CMM Inspection Services

As well as CMM inspection services, we also provide inspection reports for production, development and educational establishments. Our coordinate measuring machines are supported by a UKAS Certificate of Calibration through our UKAS-accredited laboratory No 333. Performance Verification is in accordance with ISO 10360/2. All details of traceability are shown on our CMM inspection reports.

We can also cater to customer-preferred methods of reporting for use with a number of methods and media.

CMM Inspection

One-off and Multi-Batch CMM Inspection Services

Eley has worked with a number of leading organisations providing solutions in a range of industry sectors, including rail, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and many more.

Our comprehensive subcontract CMM inspection services are available from one-off to multi-batch inspections within a temperature-stabilised environment.

Our Services Include:

• Sub-Contract CMM Inspection and Reporting

Small to large volume geometric inspection and reporting and small to large volume full contact scanning and reporting.

• Eley Truth S Bridge type coordinate measuring machine for Larger Items

With a measuring capability of 1500 x 1000 x 600, however, larger parts can be accommodated.

• Video Optical Inspection

Small-volume video optical inspection and reporting.

• VMS Vertex Digital Height Gauge Inspection

Small volume general inspection using height gauges and other general inspection tools.

• Toolroom

Complete solution for sub-contract inspection with the ability to manufacture measurement tooling with fully documented drawings

cmm inspection and certification

Sub-Contract Services

As part of our sub-contract services, we can offer component failure investigations and enhanced measurement facilities. We have four specific aspects to alleviate any challenges faced. Our skilled engineers will inspect your components effectively and efficiently.

Component Failure Investigations

Conflicting measurement results and errors can occur for several reasons. From temperature variations to incorrect alignment, there is a range of factors that can cause issues. Eley can assist with these investigations offering clarity and resolving the problem with a fit and function investigation. We can highlight the variables to help understand precisely where the conflict of measurement may be.

Overflow Workload or Inspection Backlogs

In our inspection laboratory, we can offer enhanced measurement facilities. From high volume measurement to meet a tight deadline to the investigation of larger components, we have the equipment to meet any measurement challenge. We can help overcome a surge in manufacturing demands and reduce inspection bottleneck issues. By subcontracting with us, we can ensure that the work is completed on time and within budget.

CAD Inspection

Our coordinate measuring machine software enables us to inspect complex parts, ensuring that they are machined to the exact tolerance required. From concept through to detailed design, measuring and inspection reports can be carried out using 2D drawings or 3D Cad Models.

All measurements can be compared directly back to 2D drawings or 3D CAD models. Results can be presented in a variety of ways to suit your needs, e.g. tabular reports, graphical reports, surface colour maps, export data files, etc. Measurement results can also be combined with full statistical reports.

The availability of CAD enables the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) user to import the design data of the component to be measured. It offers the ability to create a measurement programme independently of the CMM, thus enabling the CMM to measure while the programme is written elsewhere, a cost-effective use of the CMM.

Import and export of CAD data provide the basis of the system, but other abilities make the system indispensable. CAD comparisons of sometimes impossible component features to be measured are available throughout this method. For example, to generate a fillet radius, which may offer the inspection technician only a very small portion of an arc.

The points available are compared to the CAD model by 'asking' the system if the measured data resides on the surface of the model feature. This offers a solution to the otherwise limited data available on the component when processing a diameter in the normal way.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is employed primarily to replicate the precision detail of an already manufactured component. It can be used for straightforward copying or where an item is being dimensionally 'interrogated'. If a part has performed well in the past but is starting to wear away beyond repair, our reverse engineering service can help recreate a new part. When trying to find out why one component of the same apparent design has failed, and another has not, reverse engineering can replicate the successful component.

This service is an excellent aid to R&D departments as it can form part of an inspection process before full-blown production. Original design data could then be amended in light of the measured results.

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