Coordinate Measuring Machines

Our extensive range of coordinate measuring machines (CMM's) includes our specialist long-bore measurement machine and patented digital height gauge.

Eley's industry knowledge and engineering expertise allows us to manufacture and deliver various standard and bespoke measuring solutions.

Digital Height Gauge

The patented Vertex Height Gauge boasts 1D and 2D measurement and an air bearing system.


 Attain high precision with a large measuring range.

Horizontal Arm

Mark out patterns and castings with Crown state of the art technology.

Long Bore Measurement

Measure long tubular items with a machine that resolves to 1 micron.


 High specification Coordinate Measuring Machine in several convenient sizes.

Schut Optical Machines

3D CNC optical CMM equipment with video and multi-sensor.


Flagship CMM that can accommodate up to 3 tonnes without distortion.

Custom Designed

Custom designed metrology equipment manufactured to ISO 10360 from a UKAS Certified Laboratory.