Coordinate Measuring Machines

With more than 30 years experience of manufacturing metrology products, ELEY Metrology is the leading UK independent manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines.

Using high precision manufacturing techniques, and constructed from hand lapped granite, ELEY CMMs are the only machines that do not require software ‘error mapping’.

Available in a standard measuring range of sizes from 500x400x400 up to 3000x1800x1200mm, these CMMs are capable of scanning with probe or laser head.

Larger sizes are available on request, and special designs can be produced, such as the groundbreaking LBM (Long Bore Measurement Machine). With its 2-metre long measuring arm, this Eley coordinate measuring machine is used by some of the world’s leading aerospace companies.

All our CMM’s are certified in our very own UKAS accredited lab to ISO 10360-2. We are very proud of the fact that we were the first CMM company in the world to attain ISO 10360.


Why Choose Eley Metrology Coordinate Measuring Machines


- Built with 100% hand lapped granite for ultimate stability and strength

- The x-axis is a granite wall or ‘riser’ that makes that axis ultra-stable

- On it is a V-Flat guideway as used by machine tool companies and renowned for producing the best accuracy as they sit on a triangular point

- X-axis ‘V-Flat’ guideway has air bearings on all four sides, thus fulfilling metrological principles

- Y-axis bridge is a twin beam; with the Z-axis spindle located centrally between them, and perfectly balanced, it is also mounted on three individual steel ball jacks, so it is ‘kinematically’ mounted and free from stress

- The Z-axis assembly floats on air bearings that are both on top and underneath the Y-axis bridge, to prevent ‘lifting’ it is also kinematically mounted on three ball jacks, so it is free from stress in the rest of the machine

- The Triangular spindle, with its ‘3-point’ location system, provides great benefits for accuracy and stability

- Machine covers made from anodised aluminium cover the whole of the axis, with ‘blinds’ for accessing the beam and scale. This maximises the protection for the scales etc

Digital Height Gauge

The patented Vertex Height Gauge boasts 1D and 2D measurement and an air bearing system.


 Attain high precision with a large measuring range.

Horizontal Arm

Mark out patterns and castings with Crown state of the art technology.

Long Bore Measurement

Measure long tubular items with a machine that resolves to 1 micron.


 High specification Coordinate Measuring Machine in several convenient sizes.

Schut Optical Machines

3D CNC optical CMM equipment with video and multi-sensor.


Flagship CMM that can accommodate up to 3 tonnes without distortion.

Custom Designed

Custom designed metrology equipment manufactured to ISO 10360 from a UKAS Certified Laboratory.

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