10 Robots That are Changing the World
The robots are coming, and they are taking over the world. Well, that is the popular misconception about our robotic counterparts. In reality, robots have been around for a long time in one form or another, and the purpose has always been to assist the human world. Whether you realise […]

10 Robots That are Changing the World

Manufacturing In The UK
There is a misconception that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers. The manufacturing industry is rarely mentioned in the business news. Unless it is perhaps to focus on a major employer potentially closing down. However, even though a lot of UK manufacture has been exported overseas in recent years, it […]

Do we Make Anything in Britain Anymore?

Future of Coordinate Measuring Machines
A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a flexible measuring device used in the measurement of the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. A CMM can be controlled manually or by computer. It precisely records the X, Y and Z coordinates using a probe that is positioned manually by an operator, […]

The Future of Coordinate Measuring Machines

Three Gorges Dam
For centuries engineers have created the most impressive infrastructures around the world. From the pyramids in Egypt to the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge. Which is the worlds longest bridge over water. But how many people actually stop to think about the extraordinary talent and intellectual foresight that went into these projects. […]

The World’s Greatest Ever Engineering Projects

Understanding Metrology
Engineers go through extensive training to gain a degree in engineering. This enables them to begin the real task of learning essential skills and continuing training on the job. However, there is one field of education that is seriously lacking in engineering schools, and that is metrology. What is Metrology? […]

Why Engineers Benefit from Understanding Metrology

Robots Industry 4.0
What is Metrology? Metrology is the science of measurement and can sometimes be overlooked despite being an essential aspect of manufacturing. To ensure that all component parts fit together and work properly, it is essential to perform this inspection. As a manufacturer, you will want to consider not just the […]

The Place of Metrology in Industry 4.0

Solar Impulse 2 Electric Plane
Is it Possible to Make an Electric Passenger Plane? Some of the leading airlines and engine manufacturers are confident that they will be able to have an electric passenger plane ready for launch by 2027-2030, with smaller aircraft doing short-haul flights as soon as 2020. Industry leaders such as Air […]

Is the Electric Plane Ready for Take Off

A Brief History of Height Gauges
As long ago as 1631, Pierre Vernier, a French scientist, mathematician and engineer invented the “Vernier scale” and so provided the basis for mechanical engineers to measure and manufacture more accurately than ever before. His system of dissimilar scales became the basis of precision measurement and provided a standard of […]

A Brief History of Height Gauges

How to get a job in engineering
What Qualifications Will I Need? If you’ve set your heart on a job in engineering then there are a number of routes you can take. Typically to apply at a university for a degree in engineering you will need Science and Maths, with Physics also being a preferred option. Most […]

How to Get a Job in Engineering

Do you find setting up on your CMM difficult? If the answer to this is yes, then you need an Eley Metrology Sledge. Eley Metrology, the measurement solution specialists have produced a work handling device to make the movement of workpieces simple. With air-bearing action and a granite base power, […]

Are Your Work Pieces too Heavy to Position by Hand?