Digital height gauge in use
The digital height gauge‘s versatility and precision make it a staple of any machining operation. From the simple need to measure and compare workpiece feature heights, possibilities arrive in quality control, compatibility assessment, and manufacturing planning. New digital height gauge innovations stem from a metrological history spanning centuries, originating in rulers, […]

Guide To Digital Height Gauges

What is a CMM Machine
Eley Metrology has been at the forefront of the CMM market in the UK for over 40 years. Over this time, our experts have been asked lots of questions about CMM’s, but the most common one is still ‘What is a CMM Machine’. If you’re new to the manufacturing industry […]

What is a CMM Machine

Lean Manufacturing
Lean manufacturing is a production method that eliminates waste without sacrificing productivity. It was pioneered by the Toyota Motor Company and was adopted as their operating model, known as the Toyota Way. Lean manufacturing consists of 5 key principles; Precisely specify value by specific product Identify the value stream for […]

How Can Metrology Support Lean Manufacturing

Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Following crisis after crisis, the world needs a less explosive energy solution than fossil fuels. Combustion engines are dirty and dangerous, and climate change wreaks more and more environmental havoc every year. Scientist found a solution right under their noses, in the most common element in the universe: hydrogen. Hydrogen […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Coordinate Metrology
Design engineers and manufacturers use coordinate metrology to precisely measure the features of machine parts. By mapping coordinates onto a given workpiece, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) can compare parts along a production line, or even predict whether a prototype is up to scratch. The French theorist René Descartes developed coordinate […]

What is Coordinate Metrology?

Metrology in Aerospace
Although it was the Wright Brothers who famously took flight for the first time in 1903, the story of aviation can be traced back through human history for nearly two thousand years. What is considered to be the first modern aeroplane design was created by George Cayley in 1799. Nicknamed […]

The Role of Metrology in Aerospace

Metrology in Manufacturing
The vital role of metrology in manufacturing cannot be understated. Metrology affects all our daily lives. However, the vast majority of the population will never have even heard of the term. Whether we drive a car, get on a plane, watch TV or turn on the kettle, metrology will have […]

The Importance of Metrology in Manufacturing

CMM Interim Checks
CMM interim checks are important to safeguard your equipment and to make sure your machine operates appropriately in between annual servicing and calibration. With constant or excessive use of a machine, issues may materialise, which may lead to inaccurate results being produced. By completing regular interim checks, you can reduce […]

CMM Interim Checks – Why Are They Important

Measuring Long Precision Tubular Items
Coordinated measuring machines were invented as a precision measurement tool, and for a while, they were considered the solution to all measuring needs. As engineering projects became more complex, components of different sizes and scales required measurement. One of the most difficult areas of dimensional metrology to solve has been […]

Is The LBM The Answer To Long Precision Tubular Items?

History of Surface Plates
Surface plates and tables were one of the first types of metrology equipment. In 1800 British Inventor Henry Maudslay recognised the importance of a high precision surface plate. Named the father of the machine tool industry, Maudslay developed machinery that could produce identical tool parts. With his student Joseph Whitworth, […]

The History of Surface Plates