Metrology Equipment

Eley Metrology, through the Crown Windley brand, has over 100 years of manufacturing experience and pedigree. This level of expertise is world-leading and means that by purchasing metrology equipment from Eley Metrology, you are choosing the very best for your business.

Crown Windley Metrology Equipment

Founded in 1906, Crown Windley became synonymous with producing high-quality metrology standards and horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines. Having acquired the company in 2002, Eley Metrology has incorporated these high-quality precision measurement products and machines into their own product range.

With hand-lapped granite artefacts to ensure high precision that is kept within specifications dependent upon the grade that is required. Our cast-iron standards are machined to the requested grade. Eley only uses the highest quality materials and pride themselves in the products that the team of precision engineers can produce.

Companies wishing to undertake measurement requires specific products to ensure that the measurements taken are to the highest accuracy. These are a flat surface, tools to hold the workpiece involved in being measured and the correct software to ensure the most comprehensive reports.

Our Metrology Equipment Range

Cast Iron Products

Manufactured for almost 100 years through the Crown Windley brand. Our Cast Iron product range covers all needs from surface plates to box angle plates

Metrology Standards

Our granite metrology standards are hand-lapped by our highly skilled precision engineers in accordance with the specified standards

Metrology Tooling

A wide range of specialist metrology tooling including magnetic sine tables, steel parallels and adjustable angle plates

Granite Surface Plates and Tables


Granite surface plates and tables are a must for accurate measurement and provide a flat and stable environment for inspection


Bespoke Granite Products


We can produce and resurface bespoke and custom granite artefacts, from large scale pieces to small, precise artefacts

Granite Surface Calibration and Resurfacing

As a UKAS certified laboratory, we can calibrate and resurface metrology standards such as surface plates, tables and parallels

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    Metrology Equipment