Granite Surface Plate Calibration and Resurfacing

Eley Metrology is the UK’s leading specialist in the field of granite metrology products. We have been at the forefront of the metrology industry for over 40 years and understand the necessity of maintaining accurate granite measuring equipment.

Our team of engineers provide calibration and resurfacing for all sizes and grades of granite surface plates and tables. We can also calibrate granite parallels, master squares and master straight edges.

Our highly skilled team will hand-lap your granite back to the original specification in accordance with BS817 (2008) supported by a UKAS certificate of calibration.

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    Key Features

    • The calibration and resurfacing of granite surface plates and tables can be carried out in Derby at our UKAS Accredited Laboratory (No 0333)

    • For larger pieces, our engineers can complete the work on-site to reduce business disruption and downtime

    • All our engineers are trained to Eley Metrology’s rigorous and demanding standards, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction

    • We can also inspect granite parallels, master squares and master straight edges

    Why is Granite Surface Plate Calibration Important?

    Granite Surface Plate Calibration

    Surface plates change over time. The more granite surface plates are used, the more they change with wear and tear making accurate measurement more challenging. Granite surface plate calibration works to manage the effects of wear and tear and optimises the longevity of the graded surface.

    Calibration work falls into two categories: maintenance and formal calibration. All granite surface plate users should implement maintenance procedures to keep their equipment working accurately for as long as possible. However, workshops should also implement formal granite surface plate recalibration in accordance with their Quality Manual.

    Regular scheduled specialised calibration of surface plates and surface tables helps to maintain and support the overall manufacturing and quality requirement.

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