Metrology Tooling

Our extensive range of metrology tooling products encompasses a wide range of essential metrology items. These tooling products have a large range of uses, from working on grinding machines to marking out on a workpiece.

All products in our metrology tooling range are made from hardened steel and are manufactured in the UK by our own team of expert engineers.

Metrology Tooling Product Range

Adjustable Angle Plate & Micro-Adjustable Angle Plate

Adjustable angle plates made from steel are ideal for various machining purposes, such as marking out on a workpiece and using on a grinding machine. It allows for the ability to adjust and set an angle between zero and sixty degrees to hold a workpiece and is lockable from below using a hex key. Parallelism and Squareness are both 0.005mm/100mm. Model AP3 is available as a micro-adjustable angle plate for finer angle setting.


Magnetic Sine Table

Using gauge blocks to set an angle between zero and forty-five degrees, this magnetic sine table has a heightened accuracy for setting up workpieces for machining. Tilting in the longitudinal axis and with a low height, the magnetic sine table is designed and produced in conformity with the industry set norms and standards. Eley Metrology provides a comprehensive range of other sine tables available, from simple to universal and compound.


Magnetic V-Block

With an on-off capability, this magnetic v-block is ideal for use on grinding machines or inspection benches. The V can attract rectangular, square and cylindrical work with a holding power on the v-face of 90kgf and 110kgf on the surface, 3 magnetic surfaces are achieved simultaneously.


Sine Vice

Adjustable from zero to forty-six degrees, Eley's sine vice is made from steel and has been hardened to 56-58 HRC. The parallelism and squareness of the vice are 0.005mm/100mm. Except for the work holding advantages of a toolmakers vice, the sine vice can also clip workpieces by various angles using gauge blocks to obtain very precise angles. Alongside the machining uses, this sine vice can be used as an inspection reference when required.


Steel Parallels

Made of hardened steel and ground in pairs to BS 906 (1972) ideal for workshop or inspection use. Supplied in pairs these parallels can be used to level components prior to any machining work or support a workpiece that does not have a "flat" surface underneath to ensure there is enough clearance when dealing with milling and grinding machines. Supplied with four working faces, Eley Metrology's steel parallels have a UKAS Certificate of Calibration.

A200 x 40 x 200.0050.006
A250 x 50 x 250.010.01
A300 x 60 x 300.010.01
A400 x 100 x 500.0150.012
B200 x 40 x 200.010.012
B250 x 50 x 250.020.02
B300 x 60 x 300.020.02
B400 x 100 x 500.030.025

Tool Makers Vice

Manufactured from precision ground, hardened steel (56-58 HRC) with parallelism and squareness to within 0.005mm/100mm. The toolmakers vice with screw clamping system and a slight vee on the clamping jaw face allows for easy positioning and workpiece holding. This vice can be used for machining work including milling and grinding or can be used as a workpiece holder during inspection.


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