True Measure

Eley Metrology's True Measure 4 is a 32bit coordinate measuring and scanning software which combines the latest software technology with 20 years of experience of producing Metrology Software. Like its predecessors, TMW and True Measure, TM4 has all of the complex alignment and measurement capabilities, combined with a user-friendly graphical user interface. In addition, there are now the benefits of a rendered 3d measurement display.

With full support for the Renishaw UCC2 controller, TM4 has the capability of constant contact scanning using the SP600 and SP25 probes for rapid data collection. This data can be used to create geometric features or can be used for contour or profile analysis in TM4’s sister product True Shape.

The latest developments in TM4 are in the area of extensive CAD imports for offline programming, a new facility for report customization and output to various electronic formats for ease of transfer and a simple to use pictorial Multi-Batch facility for the busy production environment.

Key Features

• Full geometric software and Free-form measurement

• Extensive range of simple and complex part alignments

• User-friendly part programming and editing facilities

• Real time on screen rendered display

• User friendly part programming and editing facilities

• Easy to use interactive help in a web page format

• Extensive reporting facilities including HTML, PDF etc

• Multiple CAD imports including many native CAD formats

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