Bespoke Granite Products

Eley Metrology Limited can produce and resurface bespoke and custom granite artefacts, from large scale pieces to small precise artefacts, Eley caters for all requirements. With several grades available for each artefact, we have products to suit every environment such as workshop and laboratory and every budget. To ensure specifications are within the required tolerances our granite artefacts are hand-lapped by Eley's precision engineers to the following:

Granite Surface Tables and Plates to BS 817 (2008)

Granite Straightedges to BS 5204 Part 2 (1977)

Granite Precision Squares & Tri-Squares to BS 939 (2007)

Granite Box Angle Plates to BS 5535 (1978)

Granite Parallels to BS 906 (1972)

Granite V-Blocks to BS 3731 (1987)