Celebrating 40 Years of Manufacturing Excellence

2016 marks the 40th year of success for one of the metrology industry’s leaders, Eley Metrology.

Having gone from strength to strength throughout their time at their Derby Headquarters and working with large aerospace and automotive manufacturers. Eley Metrology is officially celebrating 40 years of business with great clients.

Founded in 1976, Eley Metrology has adopted the same corporate strategy throughout their time in business; total manufacture of high-quality measurement solutions.

After building their custom premises in 1989 and becoming an approved UKAS Laboratory (no. 0333) in 1991 the company were on a roll. Eley also became the first United Kingdom UKAS Laboratory to gain accreditation to ISO 10360 for coordinate measuring machines.

Important Acquisitions

Underlining the continued commitment to excellence, quality and traceability. In 2002 Eley Metrology acquired Crown Windley. This enabled them to expand their product range and gain the knowledge and experience of the oldest metrology company in the world.

Eley’s innovation for new techniques and unique metrology solutions have allowed them to design and produce the unique Long-Bore Measurement Machine (LBM), which is used by a number of large manufacturers worldwide to measure products such as aircraft shafts and deep bore piping.

Alongside the LBM, Eley also has the Vertical Measuring System (VMS), a digital height gauge with the unique feature of a complete air bearing system allowing for unrivalled accuracy and repeatability.

Celebrate with Eley this year with some special offers and an open day. Thank you to all of our clients, new and old for supporting us. Details to follow!