CMM Calibration and Servicing

Eley Metrology are specialists in the field of CMM calibration and servicing. We have been metrology experts for over 40 years and fully understand the importance of looking after machinery.

A well-engineered CMM is built to last for years of work and endure long hours of operational services. To ensure the CMM is working as accurately as it should, regular calibration and serving are vital.

Our highly skilled team of engineers can ensure all the correct care and attention is given to each machine part. Our knowledge enables us to check every single component is working to its full potential.

All our servicing work comes with ISO 10360 verification and UKAS accreditation as standard. ISO 10360 incorporates the use of calibrated artefacts such as end bars. It is a dynamic test that takes into consideration not only the machine but also the probe system and measurement software.

We also offer a comprehensive CMM inspection service offering fast turnaround and accurate analysis of manufactured components.


CMM Calibration and Servicing

What is CMM Calibration and Servicing?

The calibration of a CMM ensures that all measurements will comply with the ISO 10360 standard. With regular use, parts can move out of position or wear away. During a calibration check, any machine faults can be identified.

Servicing a CMM is required to ensure that the equipment performs at an optimum level. During a service, all parts of the machine are checked. If a fault is found a repair will be made and calibration checks will make sure the fault has been rectified.

The main elements of an Eley Metrology CMM calibration and servicing visit are:

• Remove covers – our highly skilled technicians carefully reveal the parts to check
• Check all mechanical parts – with our expert knowledge we know how to identify if wear and tear is going start causing a problem
• Check electrical connections and wiring – we identify any potential issues and replacements if needed
• Check machine functionality – using our specialist calibrated artefacts we identify what adjustments are needed
• Check & adjust where necessary all drive systems
• Check and adjust where necessary m/c control systems
• Clean and replace parts where necessary
• Check and adjust m/c geometry using calibrated artefacts
• Replace covers

Once our engineers are happy with the machine functionality, they inspect and clean the granite surfaces. The float of all 3 axis are inspected, and the reader heads are examined to make sure they are reading correctly.

The final step of the service is the calibration of the machine. This involves measuring accredited length standards in seven different positions within the working volume of the machine with bars plus an extra measurement, including a calibrated sphere.

If you have any specialised service requirements or enquiries, please contact our team on 01332 367475.

CMM Calibration and Servicing Contracts

Eley Metrology service contracts are available to support the accurate operating procedures of your machinery. We have created three flexible and tailored contracts to suit your business requirements.

With a service contact developed for your specific machinery, we can ensure that all calibrations are completed as and when necessary.
If you have any unforeseen problems, an emergency service contract can be put in place to help you reduce downtime and loss of business.

The team at Eley Metrology will send a reminder for your annual calibration service and respond to equipment faults.

Our Service Contracts Include

• Telephone Helpline
• Onsite inspection, Service and Calibration with UKAS Certificate of Calibration
• Emergency or Break Down Callouts
• Replacement Parts
• Software

Our team are available to answer any questions and to provide support whenever you need it.

Saving Time and Money with a Service Contract

Maintenance on CMM’s should never be underrated as the extent of damage on a poorly maintained machine could result in considerable repair costs.

With a service contract in place, servicing and calibration is carried out as regularly as required to maintain your machines in good working order. This helps prevent costly emergency repairs and avoids any backlog or inspection bottlenecks during downtime.

Emergency Repair

Breakdowns can occur due to hardware or software failing unexpectantly. Our service contract includes several emergency callouts with a quick response and turnaround time providing minimal downtime.

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If you’d like more details about our CMM Calibration and Servicing contracts, then our team are available to help.

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