Crown Windley Horizontal Arm CMM

Eley Metrology's horizontal arm coordinate measuring machines have been developed with extensive knowledge gained from many years of manufacturing co-ordinate measuring systems. The Crown series represents state of the art technology for today's engineering centres.

This machine will mark out patterns, castings and fabrications ready for machining. With touch trigger probes it makes the measuring machine for inspection, quality control or quality assurance and are easily fitted. The addition of a computer and related measuring software further simplifies operator use and increases productivity.

The main applications for this machine are the manual, DCC layout and measurement of; large castings and fabrications, pressings, automotive panels and patterns, digitising of patterns, moulds and automotive panels including body in white and scale and full size models.


Fine feeds and non-slip locks

Dynamically balanced base

High precision bearings

Hard coated surfaces

Rigid stabilising bar fitted to z column

Available Options

Motorisation of each axis with joystick control

Motorisation of each axis with full DCC control

Side mounted, Top mounted or Beam mounted machines

Granite or Cast Iron table

Fixed guide bar or movable guide bar located holes or slots

Mechanical bearing or air bearing base