EHG-V – Vernier Height Gauge

The simple, user-friendly design of the EHG-V vernier height gauge makes it an ideal precision measuring device for almost any environment. Fine adjustment of the main vertical scale is possible, which enables quick zero point or reference point modification. Lightweight construction allows for the height gauge to be easily re-sited making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

Schut Vernier Height Gauge

Key Features

• Robust and compact construction

• Perfect for use on the shop floor

• Fine adjustment for precision measurement

• Accurate and reliable measurements

• Simple, user-friendly design

• Lightweight construction

EHG-V Vernier Height Gauge - Options and Specifications

EHG-V/2000-200mm30£77Scriber: £15.86 (ex vat)
EHG-V/3000-300mm40£96Scriber: £15.86 (ex vat)
EHG-V/5000-500mm50£154Scriber: £25.92 (ex vat)
EHG-V/10000-1000MM70£604Scriber: Ask for a quote

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