Specialised Granite

Eley Metrology specialise in the manufacture of granite metrology artefacts. This includes several metrology standards, such as parallels, straightedges and box angle plates. Eley also produce granite surface plates and tables to BS 817 (2008). All of the granite manufactured at Eley is hand-lapped in accordance with the specified standard by our highly skilled precision engineers. Different grades are available to suit all budgets and Eley's skilled after sales and service team will ensure the product is up to our high standards.

Alongside our standard sizes and specifications Eley also have the ability to produce special bespoke artefacts, from extra large straightedges and tables to custom fixtures for machines.

Service contracts are available on granite artefacts and our engineers are able to come out to site to minimise downtime for your company, or you can send them to our Derby Headquarters to be resurfaced and calibrated in our temperature controlled laboratory.