Granite Cleansing Fluid

Eley Metrology's highly effective compound of special detergents and astringents which, when applied to a granite surface will cleanse and ensure it is free of oil, grease, cutting fluid and dirt, leaving the surface and even the microscopic pores clean, dry and drag free. The solution is supplied in a ready-to-use formula.

To clean a granite surface, the solution is best applied with a soft cloth sufficient enough to wet the entire surface. Work the solution in to the surface using a rotary action which ensures good penetration. Wipe off the surface immediately with a clean, dry cloth until clear of moisture. The solution remaining in the micro-pores will rapidly evaporate and the surface is again ready to use.

Granite Cleansing Fluid is used at all stages in the manufacture of Crown's own granite surface plates, tables and masters. It is efficient in the removal of the residue left from grinding fluid and is used to clear the surface of all lapping medium before any measurements are made.