Sine Tables

Eley Metrology provide a number of inspection sines, ranging from simple magnetic sine tables, to the compound and universal inspection sines for measurement of compound angles and longevity of product. From machining facilities to precision laboratories, Eley's sine tables.


Universal Compound Angle Sine Table

The universal compound angle sine table, is similar to the compound, however it has the ability to be raised in either of two opposite planes.

Sizes available upon request.


Compound Angle Sine Tables

Eley's compound sine tables are available in a variety of sizes to suit all inspection needs. From 200mm to 300mm with fine pole magnetic top faces and roller centres on the upper and lower stage.

Sizes available upon request.


Simple Sine Table

Eley's simple sine tables are available in either short lift or long lift forms. The short lift table has the top face pivoting about the long side. The long lift table has the top face pivoting about the short side.


Storage of Sine Tables

Packing and Storage Boxes can be produced for our sine tables at request. We advise that these boxes are purchased with a sine table as it protects the item from accidental and unnecessary damage.


If you would like a quotation for our sine tables, please get in touch with us on 01332 367475, sending us an email to or filling in the quotation request form by clicking below.