The Best Product in the Metrology Field Height gauges are an indispensable instrument for quality control in many industries but not all Height Gauges offer unique features like the VMS Vertex, that is designed and manufactured in the heart of Derbyshire UK. We highlight the key features and the  exceptional […]

VMS Vertex – Not Your Run of the Mill Measuring ...

Maintain Your Plates Calibration equipment today has many technological advances, it’s easy to lose sight of regular upkeep or servicing of these components until disaster strikes and your measurement reading are suddenly all over the place. Other than ensuring regular service and calibrations are arranged, with appropriate measures in place […]

Maintaining Your Surface Equipment For Optimum Accuracy

Granite or Cast Iron Surface Plates
The decision to use Cast iron or Granite for Metrology surface plates can be a conundrum for some industries. Which one should you be using and what are the benefits of both? We list the benefits and drawbacks of each with the aim to ensure that your decision can be […]

Cast Iron or Granite?

What is a Height Gauge
What is a height gauge? As the name suggests, it is a device for measuring the height of an object. Their roots can be traced back as far as 1631 when Pierre Vernier, a French scientist and mathematician, invented the “Vernier scale”. This gave mechanical engineers the ability to measure […]

What is a Height Gauge – A Simple Guide

Coordinate Measuring Machine Probes
A Coordinate Measuring Machine is defined by the ability of its probe. As with CMMs, there are several types of probes available. There is the contact probe, which measures the workpieces by making contact with them. The non-contact probe that employs lasers or machine vision probes which scan with optical […]

Coordinate Measuring Machine Probes

Types of Coordinate Measuring Machine
There are four main types of coordinate measuring machine (CMMs): bridge, cantilever, gantry and horizontal arm. The one you choose will be determined by what you wish to use it for. All CMMs have three orthogonal axes, X, Y and Z which operate in a 3D coordinate system. Some use […]

Types of Coordinate Measuring Machine

UKAS Calibration
Calibration Calibration is the comparison of a measuring instrument, the unit under test (UUT) to an appropriate standard that is more accurate than the UUT. UKAS Calibration refers to calibration that is undertaken in a laboratory that has been independently audited and accredited to carry out the work. United Kingdom […]

What is UKAS Calibration

10 Robots That are Changing the World
The robots are coming, and they are taking over the world. Well, that is the popular misconception about our robotic counterparts. In reality, robots have been around for a long time in one form or another, and the purpose has always been to assist the human world. Whether you realise […]

10 Robots That are Changing the World

Manufacturing In The UK
There is a misconception that Britain is a nation of shopkeepers. The manufacturing industry is rarely mentioned in the business news. Unless it is perhaps to focus on a major employer potentially closing down. However, even though a lot of UK manufacture has been exported overseas in recent years, it […]

Do we Make Anything in Britain Anymore?

Future of Coordinate Measuring Machines
A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a flexible measuring device used in the measurement of the physical geometrical characteristics of an object. A CMM can be controlled manually or by computer. It precisely records the X, Y and Z coordinates using a probe that is positioned manually by an operator, […]

The Future of Coordinate Measuring Machines