Metrology in Manufacturing
The vital role of metrology in manufacturing cannot be understated. Metrology affects all our daily lives. However, the vast majority of the population will never have even heard of the term. Whether we drive a car, get on a plane, watch TV or turn on the kettle, metrology will have […]

The Importance of Metrology in Manufacturing

CMM Interim Checks
CMM interim checks are important to safeguard your equipment and to make sure your machine operates appropriately in between annual servicing and calibration. With constant or excessive use of a machine, issues may materialise, which may lead to inaccurate results being produced. By completing regular interim checks, you can reduce […]

CMM Interim Checks – Why Are They Important

Measuring Long Precision Tubular Items
Coordinated measuring machines were invented as a precision measurement tool, and for a while, they were considered the solution to all measuring needs. As engineering projects became more complex, components of different sizes and scales required measurement. One of the most difficult areas of dimensional metrology to solve has been […]

Is The LBM The Answer To Long Precision Tubular Items?

History of Surface Plates
Surface plates and tables were one of the first types of metrology equipment. In 1800 British Inventor Henry Maudslay recognised the importance of a high precision surface plate. Named the father of the machine tool industry, Maudslay developed machinery that could produce identical tool parts. With his student Joseph Whitworth, […]

The History of Surface Plates

Granite Surface Plate Maintenance
The foundation of precision measurement is the surface plate. Granite surface plates are considered the more superior material compared to cast iron surfaces. The properties of Granite such as weight resistance and durability, create a super smooth surface that is easy to maintain. Granite surface plate maintenance may be easy, […]

5 Expert Tips for Granite Surface Plate Maintenance

Metrology in Formula One
In the exciting and speed-focused world of motorsports, you wouldn’t instantly appreciate the important role of metrology in Formula One. While the attention is on the races and the drivers, there is a team of engineers working behind the scenes. Before a tyre touches the track, the slow and precise […]

The Important Role of Metrology in Formula One

5 Must Know Facts About Calibration
We all know that calibrating equipment is essential in the process industries for optimum efficiency and assurance that it’s measuring correctly. But what happens if we skip these calibrations for whatever reasons that exist?  1. Wear and Tear This inevitably happens over time, but other aspects such as environmental conditions […]

5 Must Know Facts Why Calibration Should Be A Regular ...

Stem Toys - Wingspan
With so much our time spent in front of screens, scientists and toy developers have been working on alternative ways for us to play. Our modern busy lives can be stressful. It’s, therefore, more important than ever to spend time having fun. From small children to adults, we will all […]

The Top 5 STEM Toys to Make Learning Fun

What is Metrology
Metrology is typically not a word you come across unless you happen to work in an industry which relies on it. It certainly doesn’t come up in day to day conversation, and most people wouldn’t have a clue what it refers to. As we talk about it so much on […]

What is Metrology – Why is it Needed?