Maintaining Your Surface Equipment For Optimum Accuracy

Maintaining Your Surface Equipment

Maintain Your Plates

Calibration equipment today has many technological advances, it’s easy to lose sight of regular upkeep or servicing of these components until disaster strikes and your measurement reading are suddenly all over the place.

Other than ensuring regular service and calibrations are arranged, with appropriate measures in place there are other means of prolonging the quality and precision of your surface plates. Also, calibrations timings vary depending on factors such as frequency of use, environmental conditions and locations of plates.

With proper care and maintenance longer periods in between calibrations can be achieved and unplanned budget spends can be avoided.

Maintaining Your Surface Equipment – Everyday care tips

  • Respect the load limits
  • Vary the position of pieces that need to be measured to avoid wear on the same spot
  • Keep it clean and covered when not in use
  • Gauges and pieces to be measured belong on plates, nothing else. 
  • When not in use for a period of time, ensure it’s cleaned well using quality cleaning fluid – we have just the thing!
  • If all else fails, we’re just a call away.


All our calibration and servicing of surface tables and plates are certified at our UKAS Laboratory and we have quick turnaround times.