2017 is off to a flying start with Eley’s team

The new year always brings lots of new clients to our door with a plethora of measurement issues needing a solution, and as always, our service and technical sales team are there to help solve them.

Whether it’s servicing, building new style metrology equipment or producing electrical components for ensuring a machine is working to the best of it’s abilities, Eley’s laboratory is always on the go. After nipping in to the office for paper work our service engineer indulged us in a few measurement problems new clients have come across. This is when a site visit by our technical sales team is required to ensure they get exactly what they need.

One of the technical team were off to a machine knife manufacturer in Sheffield to ensure they had all the equipment they needed in their quality department following a special granite artefact request. Another visit was made to a train manufacturer to solve some granite metrology standards confusion and what their requirements meant they needed.

The service team so far have been to a wide variety of industry sites including; a supplier of complex aircraft components and a company that provides power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructures. Next they were off to an induction motor manufacturer and a castings and stretch forming client. Our electrical engineer was down at one of our most high profile clients in Derby doing some re-wiring work on the machine that’s over 20 years old and still at the height of accuracy.

Eley’s training team have been out giving clients a training refresh after upgrading height gauges not too long ago. Software demonstrations and coordinate measuring machine demos are keeping them on their toes – not that they complain!


No doubt you have a quality assurance team within your organisation, and when it comes to precision measurement Eley Metrology are first choice due to the unbelievable accuracy that our machines can achieve, all without the need for error mapping. Click here to get in touch with us today regarding