Autumn Service Update

Autumn here at Eley means sweeping up all the leaves that fall from the trees at the back of our offices – and being out on the road tending to clients machines, as always!

The first stops for our service engineers were a transmission technology company down by the M4 that provide their technology for motor sport engineering, and one of our longest standing customers – a foundry in London. As the UK foundry market shrinks it’s important to keep their quality department at their peak of excellence and therefore proving that UK manufactured items will always be better than ‘cheap’ international equivalents.

After a couple of days in-house working on some new machines, they were off again, one down to a manufacturer of milled and turned parts in Wales – this company have one of our Truth machines, and it was their annual verification time, and as expected, the machine passed with flying colours and only a few adjustments, all without the need for Eley to error-map their machines.

The other was off to a manufacturer of high accuracy medical devices, including instrumentation, cardiac and dental. These high precision items must be at the top of their game, and we completed an annual service and calibration on their digital height gauge, as expected the squareness and parallelism was perfect and their gauge is well looked after in it’s laboratory environment. However the VMS can be used in a variety of areas such as workshops or shop floor production areas and is very durable and high quality.


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