Double the Work, Double the Service


Due to an increase in the volume of quality assurance requirements, one of our American clients have doubled their service contract on their Long-Bore Measurement Machine. Instead of our engineers only visiting once a year, they’ll now be heading off to the East Coast twice a year, in both snow and shine.

This company has been a client of ours for almost 10 years and our Long-Bore Measurement (LBM) Machine is the only piece of metrology equipment that can measure their aerospace components. Eley’s LBM is relied on heavily by this manufacturer and they want to ensure it is always working to its highest capabilities.


Why is Quality Assurance so Important?

For an aerospace supplier, disastrous consequences can occur if the correct tolerances are not adhered to.

This is why this American aerospace supplier chose our Long-Bore Measurement Machine to ensure their components are always within the required tolerances. With unbeatable accuracy, the LBM is an entirely unique piece of equipment, utilising a highly stable granite base, built and serviced by our precision engineers. It fills a requirement for industries such as aerospace, oil and gas and tubular parts. To read more about the LBM click here