Happy Birthday Eley!


This year - 2016, Eley Metrology have been involved in dimensional metrology for 40 years. As a celebration for our customers (past and present) - we have a number of offers on Crown Windley Granite Standards and on our latest digital height gauge - the Vertical Measuring System (VMS).

Please just give Gary Glynn, Emma Todd or Win Rogers a call in the office on (0) +44 1332 367475.


The latest VMS Digital Height Gauge

In brief, the VMS encompasses a patented system - the air bearings to the carriage and counter balance. It has a variable resolution capable of 0.0001 millimetres. The probe force is better than 30 grams. To cut to the chase - Eley Metrology truly believe this is the best product of its kind in the world.

Eley also provide; specialist Coordinate Measurement Machines, Cast iron and Granite Metrology Standards, Sub-Contract Inspection, standard and custom Granite alongside others. The VMS and standard granite are stock items, while the custom, larger granite and Coordinate Measuring Machines are manufactured according to client requirement.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.